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Sales Training Program

The old style, hard-sell approach of selling has fallen into disrepute. With the advent of massive information on the internet, competitive advertising, and the proliferation of competition, buyers are better informed, have access to more information and are harder to sell to.

Thus the old techniques of selling no longer work. What is needed is a scientifically based approach towards marketing financial products and services.

This workshop focuses on the changing role of the professional as a consultant instead of a vendor. The modern consultant needs to find customer problems and demonstrate the value of their solution. In the end, they don’t sell products or services but greater profitability for their client.


By the end of this two-day workshop, the participants will be able to:

Improve their ability to close a sale Understand clients’ needs and wants to make it easier to suggest the correct product Answer objections convincingly Understand and map the different buyer types in the prospect organization and use a strategy to cover all buyers and advance the sale Use a portfolio management strategy to strengthen relationships and optimize the profitability from accounts currently handled

This program is based on the research done in the field of social science. The workshop is participant-centered and aims to build skills via the ‘hear, see, do’ method (i.e. lecture, demonstration, role-play).

Duration: Two Days


I. Introduction/Objectives

Introducing the WISE Consultative Selling Model

II. Warming-Up

Establishing Rapport using Mirroring Techniques

The Primacy Effect

III. Investigating

Effective Investigating Techniques

Formulating Info and Concern Questions for Your Products

IV. Stating Solutions

Matching Client Problems with Your Products

Features and Benefits

Developing Your Product Expertise

Articulating Your Unique Selling Proposition

V. Ending the Call 

Knowing When and How to Close the Sale: Understanding Body Language

Overcoming Objections

Powerful Closing Techniques

VI. Optional Topic: Strategic Account Management

Using Pareto Analysis to Classify Your Accounts as Key, Growth, Route

Calibrating Service and Sales Level Efforts per Classification

Key Accounts / Selected Growth Accounts Management:

  • Analyzing Corporate Buying Influences and Planning Your Approach
  • Account Planning & Management
  • Understanding Share-of-Wallet and Penetration Rates

VII. Optional Topic: Economic Value Added Method of Selling Corporate Products

Understanding and Explaining Economic Value Added of Your Proposals

Case Study Method, Rough Approximation Method, In-Depth Analysis Method

VIII. Dealing with Rejection

Research on What Competencies Matter Most for a Sales Professional

Using the DEEDS Technique to Overcome Rejection

IX. Action Planning

My Specific Commitments

Preparing for the 30 Day Action Plan