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Negotiation Skills Program


Whether it’s dealing with your suppliers or customers, with your lenders or borrowers, with your bank or your service agency, your distributors or dealers to get better terms, as well as with your subordinates and colleagues to get the job done, you need to master the important skills of negotiating to ensure you’re not taken advantage of.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to push too hard such that you turn off the other party. The best deal is optimizing your returns while making the other party feel that they too have won.

Without a doubt, your skill level in negotiating is an unbelievably powerful tool in optimizing the returns on deals that you enter into, be they elaborate multi-million dollar negotiating sessions or day-to-day transactions.

This program will help you:

  • Prepare and develop the self-confidence for major negotiations
  • Understand and employ research based principles to move your negotiating opponent to your direction
  • Keep the balance between asking for too much or settling for too little
  • Develop the right skill-set for behaving in the negotiating table
  • Identify, use and overcome over a dozen negotiating tactics which crafty negotiators can use against you
  • Learn how to read and use body language to clarify exactly what the other party is trying to say or to hide
  • Overcome objections to your offers and counter-offers

Number of Training Days: 2

Maximum Number of Participants: 25


Experiential Exercise I: Value of Negotiation

Anatomy & Definition of Negotiation

Self-Assessment: What Type of Negotiator Are You?

Behavior Modalities

Negotiating for a Win-Win


Researching the Opponent

Negotiation Vs. Haggling

The Tradables Approach

Developing Your Self-Confidence

Improving Your Powers of Persuasion

Reciprocity Principle

Commitment & Consistency Principle

Social Proof Principle

Likeability Principle

Authority Principle

Scarcity Principle

Stages of Negotiating: Opening

Positions of Power

Mirroring & Developing Attunement with your opponent


Understanding Opponent Position

Overcoming Opponent Resistance

Stating Your Proposal

Concept of Condition & Offer

Using Assertive Language to Advance Your Position

Improving Outcomes by Using Increasingly Specific Counter-Offers

Gauging Opponent Response

Non-Verbal Communication

“Resisting” Body Language

“Receptive” Body Language

Responding to Proposals

Effective Non-Verbal Responses

Formulating the Verbal Responses

Powerful Negotiating Gambits & Counter Gambits


Exchange Favors

Good Guy/Bad Guy

Offer Withdrawn

Take Aback

Indifferent Buyer / Seller

Ask Higher Authority

Triple F

Evidence By Printed Word

Splitting the Difference

Group Contest: Identifying & Countering Gambits

Ending the Negotiation


Drawing the Contract

Handling Rejection

Reinforcing Goodwill

Suggestions for Practice