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Our Technology: Blended Classroom & Online Learning Sessions

Research shows that the regular classroom will become less central to training and development and increasingly less important with every year that passes. 

More frequently, classroom training is moving online. Education technology has developed rapidly such that learners can now acquire more data from varying sources at the time and place and the right amount that they need it. 

Education technology now has the ability to compress the time needed to learn by 50 to 60 percent vis-a-vis the traditional system of classroom bound training. Moreover, it can provide a truly personalized instruction at the learner's own pace. In many cases, learners prefer to be given feedback by the computer rather than a live instructor and optimize their absorption and mastery of new knowledge. 

Further,  education technology can provide 24 x 7 access to training tools, manuals, job aids, quizzes, scripts and tests and does so with consistency that cannot be approximated in massed classroom training situations. 

In 2002, Harvard Business School faculty DeLacey and Leonard reported that students learned more when online sessions were added to traditional courses. Student interaction and satisfaction improved as well.

Our philosophy is that classroom sessions will remain an important catalyst in providing experiential learning exercises and live, synchronous interaction among participants. However, we need to fortify classroom training with a solid online learning follow-up that will greatly enhance learning and help deliver the behavioral and business results as well as measurable return-on-investment. This combination or "BLENDING" of classroom sessions and powerful online learning is our primary competitive advantage.