Carlos Tan Garces, Corporate Trainer  

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Our Advantages as a Trainer 

1. High Level of Customization:

We don’t believe in universal training programs that can be used over and over again. Each training situation is unique and the participants’ skill levels and developmental requirements differ from class to class.

That is why we invest painstaking effort into a comprehensive training analysis that results into design and learning materials that are highly customized to your situation.

2. Conducive Training Environment

Carl Rogers, a leading clinical psychologist has stated that establishing the initial mood or climate of the group or class experience is crucial to maximize learning. Consequently, we focus on having an open, fun training environment. Most of our participants remark that they haven't had as much fun in any training workshop as they have experienced with us. Although we're dead serious in terms of delivering the training objectives and content, we're equally determined to ensure that we sustain the participants’ interest by having fun during the program. With our average rating of 99 % “Excellent” or “Very Good”, you’re assured that your team will enjoy the best possible environment that is conducive to accelerated learning.

3. Superb Take-Home Training Materials

When was the last time that you opened a training manual, any training manual? If you're like most people, you set aside your training manual and just rely on your memory or what you recall from any training to get by in your job. Our highly effective and popular job aids are handy and come in two forms. Hardcopies which are only 1.5 inches square and that fit into your pocket or your purse or sits conveniently on top of your desk. Alternatively, smartphone versions are also provided.

And since the key behaviors to be learned are easy to master using mnemonics, soon you'll be relying on the job aids less and less - as the learned new skills and knowledge become translated into permanent behaviors that matter most for your organization... and your career.