Carlos Tan Garces, Corporate Trainer  

Member: Association for Talent Development
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Who is Carlos Tan Garces?

Carlos co-founded AESOD Training in 1999. In less than a year and with minimal advertising, the reputation of AESOD as a top training organization quickly spread. By word-of-mouth, AESOD became an established training company with clients from corporations and organizations in Asia and the Middle East.

Carlos has redefined training in such a way that it goes beyond the usual staid academic approach to leadership programs. Following the hallmark of the AESOD formula, Carlos continues to deliver interactive, fun and intensive training programs.

Further, Carlos has fully harnessed the advances in today's eLearning technology to engineer the best possible follow-up programs AFTER the workshop. This ensures the highest levels of results back at the work place.

Carlos’s workshops are fun, comprehensive, highly customized and effective.

Graduating from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Psychology, Carlos started his training as a clinical psychologist. He also majored in Music and was a member of the Philippine Madrigal Singers.

Joining the corporate world, he quickly rose through the ranks in several multinational companies such as Philamlife (an affiliate of AIG), American Express and Citibank. As head of sales, Carlos was instrumental in catapulting the growth of the Citibank credit cards business, making this bank the market leader by the time he left this company.

Carlos's last position in Citibank was Vice-President & Country Sales Director.